Professional Fabrics Solution of Apparel Manufacturing

As a professional woven fabric supplier for over 30 years, we design, manufacture and export various types of fabrics such as flannel fabrics, check fabrics, stripe fabrics, seersucker fabrics etc. We provide comprehensive one-stop fabric solutions covering sourcing, design, and material utilization, which can not only meet the diversified customization needs of partners to optimize the cost structure of fabrics, but also meet the diversified market demand and quality of products.

About Us

Honry Fabric


Honry Group, established in 1985, is a pioneer in the yarn-dyed fabric industry, encompassing the entire life cycle of fabric production from raw material selection to the delivery of finished products. Our expansive facility, spanning 36,800 square meters, integrates design, production, and sales, equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and modern office spaces.


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