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  • Honry Fabric introduces CHINA HI-TECH new sizing & warping machine, another powerful tool for woven fabric production

Honry Fabric introduces CHINA HI-TECH new sizing & warping machine, another powerful tool for woven fabric production


      Recently, Honry Fabric, as a well-known woven fabric manufacturer in China, has taken a big step and successfully introduced an advanced  CHINA HI-TECH new sizing & warping machine machine, marking a new breakthrough for the brand in terms of technological innovation and production efficiency.

As an important part of the yarn dyed fabric production process, sizing gives the warp yarns the ability to withstand complex external mechanical forces, improves the weavability of the warp yarns, and ensures the smooth progress of the weaving process.

woven fabric

 CHINA HI-TECH new sizing & warping machine

It features an integrated design for its winding drive, which enhances the efficiency and stability of the transmission. It includes functions such as automatic sizing adjustment, remote maintenance, automatic alignment of the warp beam discs, and automatic yarn cutting. With a winding diameter up Φ1000mm and a speed up 100m/min, it further improves production efficiency, increasing daily sizing output over 50,000 meters.

yarn dyed fabric

CHINA HI-TECH New Sizing & Warping Machine

It also has a high level of intelligence. Through automatic pulp mixing and remote operation and maintenance functions, Honry Fabric can more accurately control the production process, reduce labor costs, and improve production quality. At the same time, the application of intelligent functions such as automatic yarn cutting further reduces human errors in production and improves the stability and reliability of the production line.

      As an important raw material in clothing, the marker demand of woven fabric has been growing steadily. In particular, the demand for yarn dyed fabric, cotton fabric, stripes fabric, andgingham fabric has been high. As consumers' pursuit of quality and variety continues to increase, Honry Fabric needs to continuously improve production efficiency to meet market demand. The introduction of this advanced sizing machine is an important measure taken to adapt to market changes and improve competitiveness. 

      This technological upgrade will not only allow Honry Fabric to maintain a competitive advantage in the woven fabric market, but will also promote the development of the entire industry to a higher level. As China's manufacturing industry continues to move towards intelligence and efficiency, Honry Fabric will surely go further on the road of technological innovation and contribute more to the sustainable development of the industry.

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