HonryFabric Presented its Woven Fabric and Solutions at INDO INTERTEX-INATEX 2024


From March 20 to 24, 2024, Honry Fabric ’s Manager Shang Minghui and salesperson Ji Feifei participated in the INDO INTERTEX-INATEX 2024 exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Honry Fabric

This grand exhibition was co-organized by the Indonesian PERAGA Exhibition Company, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Indonesian Textile Association. The exhibition area was as high as 20,000 square meters, and more than 573 exhibiting companies were gathered, covered various types of textile fabrics. It provides an important platform to promote Chinese textile enterprises to expand the Indonesian market, participate in international competition, and conduct technological exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Yarn dyed fabric

Honry Fabric focuses on yarn dyed fabrics, after careful preparation, more than 100 different varieties of fabrics were selected as exhibits to provide professional explanations and services to visiting foreign merchants.Among the exhibits this time, flannel fabricpoplin fabric, and seersucker fabric are particularly popular, each with its own uniqueness. Whether you love the warmth of flannel fabric, the color of poplin fabric, or the breathability of seersucker fabric, each fabric has its own unique charm.

  • The flannel fabric not only feels soft and silky, but also has excellent thermal insulation effect.

  • The poplin fabric has bright colors, rich patterns, smooth hand feeling, light weight, and poplin fabric is comfortable to wear. 

  • The seersucker fabric has excellent breathability and seersucker fabric is soft and skin-friendly. 

flannel fabric

The exhibits not only attracted great attention from the outside world, but also demonstrated the good corporate image of Honry Fabric. Established in 1985, is a pioneer in the yarn dyed fabric industry, encompassing the entire life cycle of fabric production from raw material selection to the delivery of finished products. Expansive facility, spanning 36,800 square meters, integrates design, production, and sales, equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and modern office spaces. 

Through friendly and in-depth conversations, the seeds of cooperation were sown between the two parties. 

Honry Fabric

We look forward to showing the strength and charm of Honry Fabric through this exhibition, leading the fashion trend and opening a new chapter in the international market.

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